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How to get your Google AdSense Account Approved (Read this!)

Tagalog Version (Click Here)

One popular way of earning money online is through blogging, and the most famous way to monetize it is through a Google AdSense Account which you can use to put ads on your website. Now, I’ve had a few people in forums and through email ask about getting AdSense approval. Let me tell you about my experience and what you might want to try as well.

Google AdSense Account Approval (What I did):

First, know what AdSense is about and if your website’s topic is compatible:

  1. Read and know AdSense’s policies. (Don’t click on your own ads or encourage others to do so, etc.)
  2. Know the content guidelines. Avoid displaying or linking to illicit or prohibited content on your website.
  3. If your website will primarily be in a language other than english, check if it’s included in the AdSense supported language list. (Good news for Filipinos: Tagalog is supported by AdSense as of Aug. 10, 2016.)


Second, prepare your website:

  1. Of course, you must first create your own website/blog. There are many guides out there, so just search around for how you can easily do it. You can use blogger for free, or a self-hosted wordpress built website (I use that).
  2. Create a Privacy Policy with a link that can be found on your front page.
  3. Write an “About” page which talks about your website/organization/yourself.
  4. Create a “Contact Us” page with your contact details.
  5. Sign up for Google Webmasters, then create and submit a Sitemap for your website.
  6. Sign up for Google Analytics.
  7. Create a LOT of original Articles or posts on your website. These should be at least 300 words long, but 500 to 1,000 or more words is recommended. There may be exceptions for picture-based websites, however.


Third, sign up for a Google AdSense account. You will need to place some sample ads on your website for AdSense to review. Some good plugins for this are:

  1. Google AdSense plugin by Google (Very useful for your front page, and it’s very easy to use. This is my first recommendation.).
  2. Ad Inserter by Igor Funa (I use this to specify which ads appear at what areas/post types or categories. It was necessary when Tagalog/Filipino was not supported by AdSense. Since it still looks good on my layout, I still use this plugin.)
  3. WP Pro Ad System by Tunafish (Paid plugin, but it’s very good. It’s similar to Ad Inserter, but more complex and customizable.).


Finally, Google AdSense will send you an email to confirm if you have been approved (or if you still need to work on your website some more).


Tips for getting Google AdSense Account Approval:

As we all know, getting approved is the difficult part. I’ve personally had NINE REJECTIONS over the course of five months and each time I’ve made improvements and corrections to my website before I was finally approved on December 31, 2015. These are the things I’ve done which might help you as well:

  1. Create a Google+ account for your website/blog. Here’s mine.
  2. Create an active Facebook Page for your website/blog. Again, here’s mine. I use Buffer to schedule posts for both pages for free.
  3. If you’ve made an AdSense account, consider linking it to Google Analytics.
  4. Create a Google AdWords account. The keyword research tool is very valuable. Also, the more of Google’s services that you use, the more likely that they’ll see you as a serious blogger. That is only speculation, by the way, but if it helps, why not try it?
  5. Register a Webmasters account with Bing (Microsoft).
  6. Remove all ads from other networks from your website.For example, if you have Amazon Associates banners all over your page, you might want to remove them during the review process (Amazon Associate links like this one may be fine. I’ve had a few on my posts and they still got approved).
  7. Clean up your website’s appearance. If you have an ugly layout, your application might be rejected (it is possible that instead of only bots, actual humans review applications).
  8. Build backlinks to your website. Comment on a lot of other blogs in the same niche and make sure that those comments leave links to your website’s homepage. Do this for your forum signatures as well. By the way, avoid paying for or buying “backlink booster” services. They usually put out too many links on low-quality or spam websites at once and they actually lessen your site’s authority or ranking (Google uses backlinks to determine a site’s authority and they have ways of knowing if you’re trying to cheat).
  9. Another thing that might help is signing up for Some people say it’s not necessary though, but I signed up for a few months just in case.
  10. Create a TON of quality ORIGINAL content. Don’t even try using wordspinners or plagiarizing from other websites. Google will find out, so it’s best for you to avoid that risk of getting blacklisted. For my website, I wrote a 500-1,000 word article every week starting from August and by December I created a total of 36 articles before my application was approved.

That was my own experience with getting an approved Google AdSense Account. Do you have any questions? Do you also have tips for other new bloggers? Just write them in the comments section below!