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Support Local! A Quick Stop at the 19th Global Pinoy Bazaar (2017)

Every so often I travel to distant provinces to hike in scenic mountains or swim at beautiful beaches. Every time I travel, I make it a point to sample the local goods, like the coconut farmer selling coconut water, the merchant selling trinkets and tools handcrafted by his or her family, and the home-style small restaurant or eatery serving their province’s unique cuisine.

In most areas, there will always be that stray 7-eleven, big name fast food chain, or convenience store chain selling the same old cheap stuff you can find everywhere in the big cities like Manila, but I always remember to prioritize the local family-owned shops and restaurants. Big name stores are out to make a profit. The small businesses, on the other hand, were started by entrepreneurs to support their families AND showcase their unique crafts.

When I heard about the Global Pinoy Bazaar, an event by Yabang Pinoy showcasing unique Filipino-made products, I knew I had to go there and check it out.

Some pictures from the 19th Global Pinoy Bazaar (2017)

Barako coffee is my favorite. 

Those are some cool bookmarks! I bought two.

Aside from having nice looking wooden goods, I really liked their sustainability platform.

There were lots of different shops there, each selling their own unique set of products. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I DID find some good quality products that I could use at home so I bought them (and some nice mixed fruit tea and iced barako coffee from the drink stalls there).

My haul: A passport case for traveling, some wooden bookmarks etched with inspirational quotes I liked, a leather keyring, a leather wire holder for my earbuds, and a classy wooden phone stand (the wood block with a stem and leaf logo). On a side note, that picture was taken in Bo’s Coffee, one of the local coffee shops I frequent in BGC alongside Cafe de Lipa, Luna, Local Edition, and Figaro’s. Overall, I’m VERY satisfied with what I’ve got.

I know some financial advisors will tell you to never buy things you don’t “need”, but I say if there’s some cause you like, go ahead and show your support by voting with your wallet.

Support local brands that sell quality products! When YOU start your own business creating excellent stuff, you can be sure that there are people like us who will support your efforts.