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Popular Work from Home Ideas in 2017

*Contributed by Kim Dawkins.

The unemployment rate has continued to be a major concern across the globe with youths going for years after completing college without a job. Luckily, the advancement of technology and existence of the internet has been a great source of income for many jobless people. Many people, however, do not know where to start from so as to get a decent earning. In 2017, various home ideas can help you be in a position to pay your bills, or even quit your full-time job.

Popular Work from Home Ideas in 2017

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies continue to struggle to have their presence in the market felt. As an affiliate, your role will promote various products or websites online. The benefit of this kind of work from home is the fact that you will need no fee to sign-up to be an affiliate. Moreover, you will not be involved with the physical delivery of the products which you are promoting. As a result, if a customer requests a refund for inferior products, you will not be involved in any process. Another benefit of being an affiliate marketer is that you will continue to earn as long as the product is on the market on auto-pilot.


Buy and Sell Domains

With the right research, you can make a decent earning through buying and selling domains. This kind of investment does not require a lot of capital to start, and you can be sure to find financial freedom with the right tools to help you find out the domains which have expired in the recent. Many domain owners may fail to renew their domains in time making them return to the pool for resale. If you purchase these domains, you can sell them back to the original owners at a good price since they may find it hard or tedious to change their domain names.


Forex and Stock Trading

Stock and Forex market is full of opportunities that can help you earn from your home. This investment is, however, risky without the right research tools to predict the changes in currency prices. Once you get the proper experience, the industry is a gold mine. Companies like CMC Markets can help you in getting started. CMC offers a simple to learn layout which you can start trading with virtual currency so as to familiarise yourself with how the market operates.


Professional Freelancing

The Internet has provided an avenue where experts in various fields can sell their expertise to others online. If you are a professional in a particular field of writing or translation, you can visit the numerous sites available online and register for a free account. You will be able to communicate with buyers and convince them to give you a job which you can negotiate the price depending on the complexity and urgency. With more presence in the online platforms, you can expect loads of working from new and returning customers as you better your profile.


Virtual Assistant

Many small and mid-size companies are in constant search for virtual assistants who can help them carry their duties from remote locations. Such firms want to minimise on operation cost which could be incurred with the assistant visiting their office on a daily basis. You can expect to make a decent earning by visiting online sites which link customers and virtual assistants. You can expect to receive from $5 to $40 per hour as a virtual assistant without the need to leave your house.



The Internet is filled with content from various individuals who have made it their full-time job to create content for people browsing the internet. While many sites provide content without benefiting from the same, some bloggers earn from their sites when they are visited. One of the easiest ways is to run ads on your site where and earn every time a person views or clicks the ad. The good thing about blogging is that it provides a lifetime income and hence you can make money from old posts. It, however, needs patience and constant creation of quality content so as to keep your blog relevant and on top of the page. You can get people to write your articles if you are not good at it and pay them.