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A COMPLETE Lesson on Success and Personal Finance?

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You can learn just about everything from the internet nowadays thanks to blogs, videos, and more. It’s just unfortunate that blog articles need to be short so they can’t really give detailed information on the things you want to learn. Books, on the other hand, have room for more information and thus they tend to be more detailed and complete than blog articles and videos.

Long before I started blogging, I spent over two years writing and rewriting a success and personal finance book. It took that long before I was able to complete my first “good” manuscript, and I realized that the work needed to publish it would take longer. That’s why I started blogging: I wanted to help people by providing helpful information for free! It took a couple more years before I was able to continue my book project though, and finally, this is the result:

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By the way, here are three major lessons that you’ll learn there.


1. You CAN become successful.

Here’s a seemingly obvious idea: many people fail simply because they never thought they could succeed. Sure it sounds funny, but really have you ever thought you could succeed 100% at building a real estate business? What about starting a mutual fund company? Going back to university for post-graduate studies in order to get into a higher-paying field? If you think you can make it work and succeed at it, you’ll likely do it. If you do it, while there’s a chance you might fail, there’s ALSO the chance that you’ll succeed. If you DON’T do it, however, then you get nothing (i.e. stay in ‘failure’).

I’ve dedicated the first few chapters to self-improvement for a reason: it’s to teach people and make them understand that success is not just for the lucky few. It’s for EVERYONE. You just need to remember a few things. The first is that we’re all the same. From the janitor cleaning bathrooms, to the billionaire CEO, to the beggars on the streets and muggers in the alleyways, we are all similar. It’s just that some of us LEARNED how to become wealthy and successful… and others haven’t. At least, not YET.

Remember what T. Harv Eker’s friend taught: “If you’re not as successful as you want, it means there’s something you don’t know.” What SHOULD you learn in order to become more successful than you are now? How to dress professionally and talk to potential employers? How to look for better career prospects? How to create a business plan and apply for a loan? How to start and run a business properly? How to expand your business over ten times in the next three years? Whatever it is you need to do, you can learn it. Why don’t you start now?


2. Your thoughts become your reality.

It’s said that your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your habits, and your habits become your destiny. That quote has many variations for a reason: it’s one of the most important laws of life. Whatever we think about affects our choices and actions, and whatever we do and continuously do affects our future. If your thoughts are NOT conducive to wealth and success (i.e. you think the important things are not worth the effort and you’d rather waste time and money having fun instead), then you’ll face a future filled with failure and regret. On the other hand, if your thoughts are future-oriented and think about and plan for success and abundance, then you’ll more likely act in ways that create success and abundance in your life. When you work to earn them, then they’re what you’ll get.


3. Wealth takes time to earn… but it’s WORTH IT.

Jack Canfield said “one of life’s realities is that major improvements take time; they don’t happen overnight.” So many people waste their time and money gambling and playing the lottery because they want instant success, and as a result they become failures. They spend their lives betting on false hope when they could have used it to earn wealth and prosperity by themselves.

Just about all successes, yes, including “overnight” ones, took years of effort and learning before they happened. Band members needed years of practice before they created their smash hit songs, CEOs and founders took years of effort and study before they could create their products and businesses, and even the instantaneous “dot-com” millionaires needed years of programming study to create their first programs/products.

Don’t forget that you need fuel before you can get fire, and before you can achieve success you have to pay the price. That’s a lesson emphasized in the last part of the book, and it’s taught in a way that will prepare you for it and THEN inspire you to act.

Those are just three of the most valuable lessons I’ve taught in the book, and there’s a lot more inside. Again, just click on the image link below and you should be able to buy it on Amazon!