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If there’s a reason why you fail…

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I was reading Bob Proctor’s book, You Were Born Rich: Now You Can Discover and Develop Those Riches, and there was one lesson there that I wanted people to learn as it can help them break out of a life of failure. Near the end of the book, Bob explained that there is a “law of opposites” that you can observe about the world. If there’s yin, there’s yang. If there’s light, there’s dark. If there’s success, there’s failure. We know that already, but why is it important?

Most of us wish to become successful and happy. Unfortunately though, we often miss the mark. We don’t get the job we want, our business doesn’t take off, or something else. For one reason or another, we fail at the things that could have made us happier or more successful.

Well, here’s the good news. If there’s a reason for why you failed…

If there’s a reason why you fail…

Then there’s also a reason why YOU CAN SUCCEED!

If you can’t start a business or quit your job to get a new career because you need more money, then you can find a way to earn more money. You can sell or pawn some things you own but don’t need, take out a loan from the bank, borrow from friends and family, or save a part of your paycheck for a few months or years and use that as capital.

If you can’t start the career you want because you lack a certain skill like programming or online marketing, then you’ll find ways to learn that skill. You can search the internet for free instructional videos and articles, buy books about it, or ask friends and family who know how to do it to teach you. There may also be groups or organizations out there who exist to teach those skills to people, like TESDA in the Philippines.

If you can’t find a job because your qualifications aren’t impressive, then you can use other ways to find them or make one for yourself. You can take freelance jobs online, use different job search websites, ask friends and family for help* if they know people who are hiring, apply at a “lower level” job for the time being, or start your own business.

*I personally used that method when I needed an OJT (on-the-job training, also known as an internship)… two days before the deadline. It worked. That was a tip I got from an old What Color is Your Parachute book by Richard Nelson Bolles.



If you can figure out why something you want to do cannot be done, by law, you must be able to figure out how it can be done.
— Bob Proctor


If there’s a reason why you’re failing, then there’s a reason why you can succeed. You just need to find it and use it. Humans have solved seemingly impossible problems that way, like flight for example.

One reason why humans can’t fly is because we don’t have wings and gravity keeps pulling us down to the ground.

Well, one reason why humans CAN fly is because we can use aerodynamics to generate lift for airplanes and helicopters. Another reason why humans can fly is because we can use hydrogen or helium to create dirigibles or airships. One MORE reason why humans can fly is because we can use thermodynamics to create hot air balloons. Want yet ANOTHER reason? Jet propulsion with jetpacks.

If we can solve “impossible” problems like flying, building skyscrapers, talking to people thousands of miles away (using telephones, email, video calls, etc.), and getting to the moon, then what else can we solve? Compared to those, something like getting a better job or earning a million dollars seem easy by comparison.

If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Even better, there’s almost always more than ONE solution. There are infinite possibilities and you’ll always find a way to earn what you desire.

The question now is, are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to make the sacrifice or do the work required? Are you willing to sacrifice ten thousand dollars now to earn a fifty thousand later? Are you willing to work at least an extra three hours a day and work during weekends for free in order to write that book, complete that project, or start that online business or something else that can make you more far more successful than you are now?

It’s all up to you. There’s a saying that’s famous among Filipinos:

“Kapag gusto, maraming paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan.” If you desire it, there are many ways to attain it. If you don’t, you’ll find many excuses.

Instead of concentrating on the reason why you’re failing, try searching for the reason why you CAN succeed despite the problems you’re currently facing, and use THAT.


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